Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What are your soldering irons costing you?

What are your Soldering Irons Costing You?

By Tim Noble

Often we find that  the hand soldering process, is not a process that gets much attention.  Very frequently customers simply use what systems they have, with the thought that they don't want to invest more into the process, or that they have other processes that require more attention.  Often a large hurdle in an iron evaluation is current inventory of tips, accessories, etc.  This is cumbersome and challenging, but at some point the leak should be fixed.  It is a difficult decision to make, considering the large investment that has been made into the current inventory of stations.

Furthermore, even when the hand soldering process does become a priority, we find that often the first consideration is initial price.  We believe that this can be a very costly mistake to make and we urge our customers to reconsider this strategy.

There are many things that should be taken into consideration when evaluating a hand soldering station and certainly the initial cost of the system is high on that list, but often it's not the only thing that should be considered.  Some others include:

  • Tip Cost & Tip Life
  • Power & Performance
  • Ease of Use & Convenience
  • Process Efficiency

The Ersa i-Con is one of the most technologically advanced soldering stations on the market today.  We don't see many arguments against that statement, but what we do receive is that it is just too expensive.  That the list price of $445.00 is simply too costly to justify, so the customer continues to spend money on their existing stations, which are less advanced on more costly in the long run!

What Ersa costs upfront, they quickly make up for on tip savings.  They maximize efficiency and power, to increase the Iron (Fe) plating on their tips.  In most cases we are achieving approximately 2-3 times the tip life as our competitors. 

This means savings!  When you factor in how much your current stations are costing you in tips and compare that to the Ersa i-Con system, you truly will realize that your systems are in fact costing you....more than you may think.  Tips accumulate fast and often they become more costly than the initial investment you made in your soldering irons!

Bottom line is you are paying more, for less advanced technology!  We urge you to give the Ersa i-Con a true evaluation and evaluate the savings it can mean for your process.  We haven't even discussed the technological advances that the i-Con can bring to your application or process.

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